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‘Sazaa’ video keeps hitting the No.1 in BBC Asian Charts

The artist Nafees continues to prove that he’s capable of stretching the imagination whilst remaining true to his unique style.

His latest video ‘Sazaa’ unleashed at 8pm on Wednesday 3rd December and has a gripping theme. The video features his lady-love on the brink of death and the turmoil he faces as a lover.

The video, which has drawn its fans in the thousands also features Mumzy Stranger and his creamy smooth vocals, not to mention, your very own, Asian Express newspaper being read in the hospital
waiting room!

I must admit that when I first heard of Nafees and his sounds,I was eager to see if he could maintain the stance he’d taken with his first track ‘Mehmaan’.

You see, being the Editor of the paper, I recieve all sorts of ‘weird and wonderful’ material on a daily basis, so one gets accustomed to seeing artists ‘doing it big’ and then, unfortunately, trailing off.

This guy however, has the knack of delivering bigger, better and hotter material than ever before. It’s the very fortunate combination of Nafees’ inner talent and the gameplan of his management, which is highly admirable though.

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